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Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive Watch

Seiko Velatura Kinetix Direct Drive Watch

Do you need a watch which is just as comfortable at 30,000 feet high in an airplane or 300 feet underwater?  Then the same watch can transition from extreme use to being comfortable for a night at a concert or fancy restaurant.  The Seiko Velatura Direct Drive watch is exactly that kind of watch.

One of those fancy dials on the watch face is to keep you informed of how much more power the watch has.  If you see it dipping towards low power you better check your pulse.  The Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive watch is powered by your movement.  It can store up to a full month of reserve power, so if it is headed towards empty you have either been neglecting your watch on your dresser or you have stopped moving. 

The watch can be hand wound but what fun is that.  If you’ve left it laying on the counter too long  just strap on the watch and head out for a jog, to play some pool, or another fun activity.  Soon it will be fully charged and ready for weeks of keeping perfect time.

The Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive can be found online at Sears for $767.00.

Via Seiko USA