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Sequential One from MCT Watches

Sequential One MCT Watches Switzerland

Sometimes you see a watch which instantly causes lust.  The Sequential One is that kind of watch.  It is a creation which will have all true gadget lovers desiring one.  The watch is very unique using digits for the hour and a combination of a jumping dial created of sapphire and a single hand to indicate the minute.  It may take you a few minutes to get used to reading a watch of this style, but it is a design you will enjoy immensely. The back of the watch is covered with a clear sapphire backing to allow you to see all of the amazing inner workings in action.  The movement is designed and created by MCT themselves. If you want to see a watch which is extra stunning, you must check out the Black version of the Sequential One.  It takes watch beauty to a completely new level.

Via MCT Watches