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Smart Watch Concept from Box Clever


It might be time for Apple, Samsung, and other smart watch leaders to watch out for Box Clever. This innovative design company has created one of the coolest concepts in smart watches around. The watch blends analog and digital concepts into a single timepiece that is truly amazing. The watch features a pair of hands that tick off the hours and minutes in a very non-traditional way, which is easy to read and fun to watch. Running through the center of the watch is a small black band that doubles as the screen for digital messages coming from your smart phone that you paired to the watch. You can updates on incoming calls, voice mails, SMS messages, alarms, and other notices. You can respond with a simple touch of the outer ring of the watch.

Changing time zones for travellers is incredibly easy, too. You just select the city and the watch hands instantly snap to the proper time for your newly selected zone. This is a smart watch design that we hope hits the market.



smart watch concept

Via Box Clever