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Solid Watch by Henry Juskevisius – Crude is Cool

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Remember those high school days in shop class?  You used the band saw to cut a piece of metal.  You crudely worked it over on the mill in the shop.  Your work may have looked good to your eyes, but you knew it was crudely done, but it was beautiful to you.

The Solid Watch by Henry Juskevisius has taken the beauty of machine marks in his new line of durable strong watches.  Henry is building these watches as part of a project through KickStarter, and innovative platform for financing creative projects.

Henry admits this idea was cooked up in a “liquid dinner party” with friends.  Does this mean Henry was a bit tipsy when starting this venture?  If so, it was a brilliant move.  With the saw cuts, waterjet marks, and even lathe marks showing on the case of the watch it exhibits a certain toughness which just begs to be on a man’s wrist.

This is a watch you can wear while working on your car, hanging sheet rock, or banging down a few beers with your friends.  The watch is very affordable, with prices depending on the movement you select.  Prices vary from about $100 to $400.

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