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The 2011 Tag Heuer Link

2011 Tag Heuer Link Watch

Tag Heuer’s reputation in the watch world has just taken another big step forward with their 2011 edition of the popular Tag Heuer Link.   The Tag Heuer Link is part of their high-end elegant sports watches.

The Tag Heuer Link continues to use the S shaped links to provide high comfort and strength.  The double S-shaped links have been in use since 1997 proving their durability, reliability, and demand from clients. 

This is the first update to this popular line from Tag Heuer in almost 4 years.  The changes are very subtle.  Most of the changes are to streamline the watches look, feel, and even the face of the watch.

Do not mistake the Tag Heuer Link as being a single watch.  It is an entire line-up of watches featuring different high quality looks, different movements, and a wide variety of price points.

One of the most impressive of all the pieces is the Tag Heuer Link Calibre 16 Chronograph.  If you are looking for a watch to satisfy your deepest yearnings in style and functionality, this is the watch for you.

Via AcquireMag and Calibre11