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The One Hertz 1912 – Gronefeld Watches

The One Hertz Gronefeld Watch

When Gronefeld Watches decides to make an exclusive watch they do it in style.  The One Hertz will only a run of 12 watches.  Yes, you read that correctly, only 12 of these timepieces will ever be made.  The watch is being made in this small quantity as a tribute to the originator of Gronefeld watches who qualified as a watchmaker in 1912.

The watch is not only stunningly beautiful but is packed with the latest in watch technology.  The unique movement uses one small face to show you the hours and minutes with another larger face to show you the passing seconds.

With a price tag of 30,000 Euro you would expect the watch to be made of gold, titanium, or silver, but instead it is made from steel. The price tag is tied the highly limited production, extremely fine construction, and the unique details of this watch.

Via The Fancy, AskMen, and GroneFeld Watches