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TSOVET Series 4 Watch

tsovet nofour

The TSOVET Series 4 ($750) is just like the Model T of watches. It comes in every color you want, as long as it is black. The watch case is made from brushed black PVD on top of stainless steel. The watch band is a beautiful black leather strap. The watch face is made from a matte black BDL. The dial markings and hands are a rich dark charcoal gray.

The watch is made tough, durable, and accurate. This is the kind of watch you want strapped to your wrist on a night military mission, or for a dinner date with a beautiful lady. The watch is water resistant down to 300 feet and can take all the beating of your normal day to day life and still keep looking great. The watch face is covered with a mineral hardened crystal to increase the watch toughness.