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Tudor Fastrider Black Shield Watch

tudor fastrider black shield watch

The name almost says enough. The Fastrider Black Shield Watch from Tudor. The watch conjures images of speed. You can imagine wearing the watch while racing down the street in a Corvette or on a Kawasaki ZX-14R. The black color of the watch lends itself to the night, the perfect time for speed. The red bold red numbers and hands create the impression of a shield or badge of honor worn by men who love a challenge. This is a watch that demands action. It calls for you to take on a challenge and push yourself.

The watch is tough enough to take major g-forces, shocks, or to dive 500 feet into the ocean. Are you up for a challenge? This watch is perfect to match up with your black jeans, a black shirt, and your deep black leathers. Kick in into gear.

Via Tudor Watches