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Urwerk UR-110 ZrN Torpedo Watch


A mechanical marvel, a head turning piece of wrist technology, a unique and rare collectable are some of many ways you can describe the latest craftsmanship from Urwerk. The Urwerk UR-110 ZrN Torpedo watch indicates with such perfection the movement of the seconds slowly moving downwards, on the outside edge of the watch. The UR-110 indicates the hour and minutes with the use of three arms with four sides which rotate throughout the day.

The casing, created out of titanium and stainless steel securely holds all the¬†intricate details and movements within the watch. The casing is sealed with a special Zirconium Nitride Ceramic coating which is the reason for “ZrN” in the name.

I could only imagine this marvel comes at an astonishing price, but so far no price has been announced. Keep in mind that there will only be 12 of these watches created. In order to truly appreciate this watch, this picture will not suffice. Be sure to watch¬†UR-110 Movie at Urwerk, to truly capture the beauty of the watch’s movement.