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audi a4 car cover

Best Audi A4 Car Cover

Why purchase a car cover for your Audi A4? If you have just purchased a new Audi A4 or have a later model that you are looking to protect or store, a car cover is your best bet. A car cover is an affordable option

shower squid

Shower Squid

Do you have shampoo and body wash bottles in every square inch of your shower? Yup, we all do. It is a common problem that needed a simple solution because, let’s face it, who wants to get rid of unused bottles lying around the shower?

Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System

If you are looking for a sexy-looking pod-free coffee system, Ninja really kicks it into high gear. This impressive machine can brew either a single serving or a convenient carafe of coffee depending on your needs. With the Ninjas brew settings you can enjoy delicious

torch coat heater

Torch Wearable Coat Heater

Tis’ the season to be freezing and Torch Coat Heater is here to the rescue. Add this incredibly practical wearable heater and be sure to be able to tackle the coldest of cold days. This heater can keep you warm for up to 5 hours

nike lunar force 1 duckboot

Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot

Nike reinvents their already awesome Lunar Force 1 Sneakerboot with some necessary spikes. The duckboot has rubber spikes on its toecap, a water-shield protection on its upper, an insulated lining and a Lunarlon midsole. A terrific pair of sneakerboots for our colder winters. [Purchase]

Tabletop Moonshine Still

Making a fresh batch of moonshine from the comfort of your home definitely takes the thrill from making it under constant pressure in the woods in some hick-town USA. If you want to make your very own moonshine for this coming holiday season now you

uKeg Pressurized Portable Growler

There is nothing like going to a beer release and lugging a growler with you. But honestly, nothing beat a freshly brewed beer and you too, can have that very same experience with the uKeg portable pressurized growler. With this growler, your beer stays fresh,

qube smart bulb

Qube, The World’s Most Affordable WiFi Smart Bulb

Smart bulbs are quite the awesome invention. You can control them from your phone via WiFi, can change the colour and dim at your convenience. Though we’ll admit we are not early adopters of the technology due to their steep price, a new smart bulb

apple watch magnetic charging dock

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

Without too much time wasted, (you would think they would have released this right away) Apple releases its must have, Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock which will make charging your Apple Watch THAT much easier to do on your bedside. It is minimalistic, and uses magnetic

Norlan Whisky Glass

Meet the ultimate whisky lovers glass that will upgrade any whisky you drink. The Norlan Whisky Glass combines the benefits of a snifter glass and the styling of a tumbler glass to make the perfect whisky glass. Featuring special protrusions inside of the glass allows