Aji Charapita Peppers – The Wild, Expensive Peruvian Chili
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Aji Charapita Peppers – The Wild, Expensive Peruvian Chili

As much as I love the taste of spicy foods, I have always been afraid to try new chilies. Even though I’m not scared of spicy chili peppers, I don’t want to eat so many of them that I feel sick. I have always wanted to try at least one of criollo peppers, the most expensive chilies in the world, so I decided to give them a try. I invited a friend to my house and we started to eat aji charapita peppers.

Aji chora peppers are among the most expensive chilies in the world, but what makes them so special? These peppers are used for the preparation of various Peruvian dishes, but the most famous dish is probably their use in chicharrón (Peruvian-style fried pork).

Aji: is a type of chili pepper that is native to Peru and Chile. The most common use of aji is as a condiment, but it is occasionally used as a component of a hot sauce or prepared as a pickle. The most common use of aji is as a condiment, but it is occasionally used as a component of a hot sauce or prepared as a pickle. The most common use of aji is as a condiment, but it is occasionally used as a component of a hot sauce or prepared as a pickle. The most common use of aji is as a condiment, but it is occasionally used as a component of a hot sauce or prepared as a pickle.

The Aji Charapita pepper resembles a wild fruit rather than a fiery chili. It is, however, the latter, and it has a long and illustrious history and cultural importance in Peru.

I’ll give you an overview of the Aji Charapita pepper in this post. From their origins to their heat level and taste, to how to cultivate and utilize Charapitas for yourself, there’s a lot to learn about Charapitas. This little pepper is one of my favorites, and I believe you will too!

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Aji Charapita Peppers – The Wild, Expensive Peruvian ChiliPlant and peppers from the Aji Charapita variety.

Origin of Aji Charapita

The Aji Charapita originated in Peru, particularly in the Loreto and Ucayli Amazon jungle areas. Pepper plants, contrary to popular belief, are mainly tropical plants that thrive in hot, humid climates.

The “primary centers of diversity” for the Capsicum genus are regarded Peru and Bolivia. In general, Peru is considered to be the chili pepper’s native home. Chili peppers have been grown in Peru for almost 4,000 years!

The Aji Charapita has earned the moniker “Mother of All Chilis” as a consequence of this. Although it still looks like a wild pepper, its popularity prompted farmers to nurture and breed additional varieties.

Pepper with the Highest Price

This pepper has been known to command high sums by weight and is considered an important spice in many Peruvian homes. Chefs from all over the globe are said to be willing to pay up to $25,000 for approximately 2 lbs. Aji Charapitas, dried

Aji Charapita peppers on plantAji Charapita peppers on the plant, up close.

Before you start cultivating Aji Charapita plants for business, keep in mind that 2 pounds of dried Charapitas equals approximately 75,000 individual peppers! The hefty price tag is due to the small pod size and labor-intensive cultivation.

Nonetheless, because of its excellent taste, culinary use, and ideal heat level, this plant is well worth growing at home. The small berries are delicious as a snack or for adding just the right amount of spice and flavor to home-cooked dishes.

Aji Charapita Peppers (Aji Charapita)

Given their high worth, growing your own peppers at home may be particularly gratifying. The plants are bushy and compact, yielding hundreds of peppers in a single season. Aji Charapita seeds may be found here.

Learn how to grow Aji Charapitas from seed here >

1629823463_106_Aji-Charapita-Peppers-The-Wild-Expensive-Peruvian-ChiliPlant of Aji Charapita in the ground.

The Aji Charapita is an excellent potted pepper plant since the pods are small yet plentiful. When maintained away from cold temperatures, the plants may be overwintered and will yield year after year.

The Aji Charapita may be the ideal kitchen houseplant if you have a bright kitchen window. I could see them growing among culinary herbs and kept close to the burner.

They’d also make a wonderful addition to an AeroGarden!

Flavor of Aji Charapita Pepper

The Aji Charapita, like many other C. chinense species peppers, has a delicious, flowery taste. The small pods are ideal for evenly distributing flavor and heat in home cooking.

When eaten fresh, the peppers have a taste similar to that of a habanero, but with less heat. They’re juicy and delicious, with just a smidgeon of bitterness. Because the seeds are so little, they don’t interfere with the taste or texture.

Aji Charapitas become the ideal spice for seasoning when dried. Make your own spice mixes or meat rubs, or add some to a pot of soup or stew. The Charapita’s flexibility is limitless, and that’s a big part of what makes it so appealing!

Scoville Heat Scale for Aji Charapita

The Aji Charapita is no slouch when it comes to heat. Despite its little size (about the size of a pea), this pepper delivers a punch.

On the Scoville Scale, the Aji Charapita measures approximately 50,000 SHUs. This is similar to the famous Cayenne pepper, but not as hot as a habanero.

The Aji Charapita is attractive because of its medium heat intensity and compact size. Just a few jalapeno peppers towards the end of a meal provide a lot of delicious, floral taste and a lot of heat.

Aji Charapita Peppers: How to Use Them

Aji Charapita peppers are mostly used as a finishing spice, sprinkled on top of dishes shortly before serving. Fresh peppers are crushed and used to soups, meat dishes, and rice in Peru, according to RareSeeds.

If your plants produce a lot of peppers, you may use them fresh, but they also work well dried. The small pods rapidly dehydrate and may be crushed into a powder.

1629823465_750_Aji-Charapita-Peppers-The-Wild-Expensive-Peruvian-ChiliUnripe peppers on an Aji Charapita plant.

You may also dry them whole and then rehydrate them before using them in your recipes. Dried peppers preserve for a long time, so it’s a wonderful method to make sure you don’t waste any of your Charapitas.

I hope you liked learning about the Aji Charapita and that you would consider growing them. This small pepper plant may be ideal for both home chefs and gardeners.

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The peppers are available from January to April and grow wild in the Upper Amazon basin where they are abundant. The dried peppers are sold by the kilogram and are made from clusters of peppers from a single vine. The peppers are from a variety of species, which are different from the main pepper, Habanero.. Read more about aji charapita price 2020 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Aji Charapita peppers so expensive?

Aji Charapita peppers are one of the most expensive peppers in the world. They are grown in Peru and have a very high demand due to their unique flavor.

What is the most expensive chilli in the world?

The most expensive chilli in the world is the Carolina Reaper.

What can I do with AJI Charapita peppers?

AJI Charapita peppers are a type of pepper that is used in many different dishes. They can be eaten raw or cooked, and they are often used in sauces, stews, soups, and more.

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