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Beats Launches Streaming Music Service

beats streaming music service

Listening to music on your Beats just took a new turn for the better. Beats has now launched their music streaming service to compete with companies like Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, and others, so what makes them different? It starts with the company being driven by music insiders who have a feel for what people really want to hear and how they choose their music. Instead of creating music streams they think you want, they have created a service that learns your likes and builds on them. It takes into consideration not only your input, but what other people with similar interests like to give you more intriguing choices.

Currently the Beats Music is available for the iPhone and Android devices, but a version for Windows phones is coming soon. Beats Music launched with a library of over 20 million tracks, so you should be able to find a few songs you love.

Via Beats Music