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Crowsflight Returns the Joy of Travel Exploration


Using a GPS system to guide your every turn has its good points, but adventure is not one of them. All of those backwater bars, restaurants, and stores you used to find are now hidden from view, because you never stray from the main arteries suggested by your electronic travel companion. It is time to break free and explore life without getting lost. Crowsflight is a completely different kind of system. You program your destinations and it points you in the right direction. It is up to you to figure out how to get there. The compass-like guidance system keeps you pointed in the right direction, but now you can explore all of those small roads, trails, and cool locations that may get you a touch lost, but with the knowledge you are still going in the right general direction. It may not be the coolest idea when you have to get somewhere fast, but it is an awesome app to unleash the explore hidden inside.

You can grab Crowsflight at the Apple iTunes Apps store for a whopping $0, or learn more about it on the Crowsflight website.

Via Crowsflight