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GainFitness CrossFit App

gain crossfit app

You want to do CrossFit training, but the cost of the gym, coaches, and equipment has your head spinning. How can you create a CrossFit workout you can do at home, or at least in your neighborhood, without all the high expenses and time draining runs to the gym? Gain Fitness has one of the easiest solutions your are ever going to find. They created their free Cross Trainer App for the iPhone.

This is not just a little gimmick either. The is an all out coach in your phone ready to help you workout. The app includes HD videos showing you how to do the exercises they schedule for you. You get a daily workout plan that is going to challenge you. You can even adjust the difficulty to work for your current fitness level. They added in audio cues to let you know when it is time to switch exercises and stay focused on what you are doing, not watching the clock.

They do offer three upgrade packs for the free app to push your workout to another level. If you have always wanted to try a CrossFit regimen, download the app and take a look. You cannot beat the price of free.

Via Gain Fitness