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Hater App

hater app

Like this, like that, ignore this, ignore that, what about the ability to HATE THIS? The Hater App from of course, Hater-App, gives you the option to break out of the rut of “LIKE” and be able to do some true hating.

The Hater App is available for the iPhone through the app store. With this cool little app you can contentedly sure all of you favorite sites and then share them with your full hatred. Just click the button, type your response, and let the hating begin. Think about all the uses. Your see a post from your buddy rubbing it in that your team lost the big game, just hate it. You see your mom is posting your baby pictures, hate all of them. You see THAT ACTOR just stuck his foot in his mouth again, hate him.

Getting the hatred out of your system is great therapy. You do not want to LIKE or DISLIKE everything, some things you absolutely 10o% hate and you have to tell the world, and now you can. It is about time. You know you want to hate that singer that all the teen girls are oohing about on American Idol, just do it. It is going to feel so good to release all that inner hatred. (NOTE: Now don’t go hatin’ on this post, we would just hate that.)

Oh, and did we mention that it is currently listed as free? Let’s see you hate that.

[button link=”” size=”medium” target=”_blank”]Get It: HERE[/button]