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Why is Snapchat cool? You can snap a photo or shoot a video on your phone, send it off to a few friends along with a funny caption and they get it in moments. The quality is not as high as other systems, but the speed is incredible. That is not the feature that makes it ultracool, though. The feature we love is the fact the images or videos disappear into nothingness after a few moments. You can set a time the pictures are available to view and then they are gone forever. If someone is quick and does a screenshot, you get a message telling you the image was captures. Think about how cool this is. Now you can send the stupidly funny picture to a friend, set the timer for a couple seconds of viewing time, and know you are safe from it finding its way onto Facebook.

Snapchat adds a cool new way to send photos and videos with a lot more fun and security than we have ever had before.

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