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Three – The Weather App That Tells You What to Wear

three app

What is the reason you check the weather? Think about that carefully. You probably are not really too worried about the temperature, the rain, or the wind, except the way it affects what  you need to wear and how that might change during the day. How would you like a weather app that does not just predict the weather, but also tells you what you should wear? The Three weather app takes a much more practical look at the weather. On a cool day it tells you to wear slacks, a long-sleeved shirt and take along your jacket. On a hot day it warns you to get out the short sleeve shirt, take along a hat, and wear shorts if your job allows. It even warns you when you need an umbrella and rain coat.

Finally, you can learn what you really wanted to know about the weather. What you need to wear. You can grab the app on the Apple iStore or by visiting Three’s website.

Via UseThree