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Nippon Moon Observation Wheel Project in Japan

nippon moon observation wheel

What happens if a Ferris Wheel wants to climb to the moon and meet an alien? The child is the UNStudio Nippon Moon Observation Wheel project. A “Ferris Wheel” gone wild. UNStudio has designed an observation wheel that is destined to tower above the landscape with dual decker capsules carrying the riders. No, you are not going to sit down and spin, you are going on a long journey where you can mingle with the other riders in your pod, use the Nippon Moon app to track the ride or even communicate with riders in other pods. You can eat, drink, and have fun as you spin gently towards the sky seeing for hundreds of miles into the distance. This futuristic ride is not yet under construction, but you can be certain, once it is built it will become a top tourist destination from every corner of the world.




Via YankoDesign and UNStudio