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World’s Most Expensive Apartment Ready for Sale in Monaco… Wow It’s Nice!


Are you looking to upgrade your living quarters a little? The Tour Odeon Monaco is preparing to offer their penthouse apartment to interested people at a predicted price of $400 Million. Why would anyone pay this much for an apartment? It could be for prestige, a front seat at the world’s sexiest destination, or to hobnob with other millionaires. Monaco is well known as the playground of millionaires and Tour Odeon Monaco is quickly becoming one of the hottest venues for their homes.

Of course, the buyer may just be interested in living in one of the most luxurious settings in the world. The penthouse apartment defies most descriptions of apartments. It offers 35,500 square feet of living space split among its five floors. The apartment has panoramic views of Monaco on every level. It is ready for entertaining with its own swimming pool complete with a water slide.






Via Tour Odeon