9 Beard Dyes for Your Sensitive Skin this 2020

Dyeing your facial hair gives rise to unique problems for acne-prone folks. A few of these problems include redness, itching, patchiness, and allergies that are undesirable to all beard lovers.

To save you from the troubles of checking out different dyes, we have compiled our favorite facial hair dyes that give you great results without troubling their skins. 

So, acne-prone skin folks, keep reading! 

Best Beard Dyes for Sensitive Skin 2020

1. Blackbeard for Men 3-pack (Black)

Unlike average colorants, the Blackbeard dye grants you complete command over your bearded look. This dye, being hypoallergenic, takes care of your manly mane and without causing any irritation or itchiness. Completely free from harsh chemicals, this colorant gives you naturally colored black hair that compels people to take notice of your presence. 

Though gentle, its waterproof formulation makes it an extremely viable option for active beard lovers. Simply brush it into your facial hair and prepare to be amazed! Smearing the dye within seconds gives you dyed hair that lasts for an entire day. In addition to that, the application doesn’t require any special equipment like gloves or applicators to use it properly. 

Colors available: Blacks, Browns, Auburn

Blackbeard Dye is Suitable for: 

This versatile product suits all hair and is especially suitable for gray hair.


  • Effective on gray hair
  • Water and soap wash this dye off
  • Doesn’t irritate or itch
  • Applies well


  • Not suitable for longer beards
  • Color doesn’t last long

2. Godefroy Color Tint Kit 

Specially formulated for the head and facial hair, this kit is flawless for touch up jobs and coloring tiny parts of the beard. Its ammonia-free nature is gentle on beards and perfect for acne-proof skin beards

Accompanied by an effective guide and necessary tools, this kit eases perfect coloring that performs well at home. So, use this chemical-based kit to permanently and easily dye your hair at home! It’s available in colors like Jet Black, Natural Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Graphite. 

Here’s how you get the perfect look: –

  1. Open the coloring capsule and pour its powder into the bowl.
  2. Mix an appropriate quantity of developer with the powder.
  3. Spread the formula on your facial hair.
  4. Wait for 2-10 minutes for the colorant to process.
  5. Rinse off the dye and moisturize your beard.

Godefroy Kit is Suitable for: 

This kit is specifically great for patch jobs and touch-up jobs


  • Multi-purpose use for all types of manly manes
  • Has an Ammonia-free formula
  • Thoughtful packaging that doesn’t waste dye unnecessarily
  • Easy application and use
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks


  • Difficulty in opening capsules
  • Not suitable for long beards
  • Has a Limited shade range
  • Some people suffered from allergies due to this product.

3. RefectoCil Dye 

Perfect for sensitive skin, RefectoCil sets in ten minutes and lasts for at least six weeks in a single application. Because it lasts long, it’s perfect for people looking for a permanent option

Preferred by professional stylists, its creamy-consistency ensures easy application on all areas of the face. Though it’s safe, we recommend you perform a small patch test to protect yourself from any allergic reaction. 

However, this dye doesn’t come with the developer. So, if you’re considering purchasing this dye, you need to buy the developer separately. This professional kit is available in blacks, graphites, blues, browns, chestnuts, red, and blonde! 

RefectoCil Dye is Suitable for: 

This dense dye is suitable for all sensitive skin folks.


  • Applies easily to your hair
  • No need for extra tools
  • Doesn’t irritate or itch
  • Lasts long on the head
  • Diverse color options


  • Doesn’t include developer with the dye
  • Quantity is less than the requirement

4. Just For Men Beard Dye Brush-In Color Gel 

This ammonia-free product mixes well and easily enhances your appearance. Its natural formulation makes for a long-lasting coloring experience that lasts for an average of 14 days. Various tools accompanying the kit eliminate dripping and cover gray hair effectively

It comes in an easy-to-apply premixed gel containing the dye and the developer that boasts of being highly efficient. Its well-designed brush eases application and helps spread the dye evenly throughout the beard. Its generous quantity ensures you get to use it multiple times and extract its full value. 

Being a brush-based product makes it inept for large beards as it increases the application time significantly. However, this product works wonders for short to medium-length beards

Just For Men dye is Suitable for: 

This semi-permanent dye is suitable for short to medium length sparse beards.


  • Processes on your hair quicker
  • Formulated with natural ingredients
  • Promotes Hair Growth


  • Its semi-permanent nature lasts for only 14 days
  • Some people have reported allergic reactions

5. Cremo No Mess 2 in 1 Hair and Beard Color 

Cremo’s liquid colorer creates no mess and is available in seven colors, such as black, brown, blond, and ginger. Its mild ready-to-use formula makes application easier and removes the chances of dripping or product wastage. Despite being mild, Cremo’s color formula lasts long and is perfect for sensitive skin folks. 

Cremo’s simple foaming formula lasts for 6 weeks, covers gray hair, and retains color. The pre-mixed color canister comes with a brush applicator and a detailing tool that gives you the perfect application. So, pick up this dye for high-grade salon colored facial hair today!

Cremo’s dye is Suitable for: 

This high-quality dye is suitable for all sensitive skin guys.


  • You can easily use this to transform your hair
  • Comes pre-mixed that reduces application time
  • Has a great color variety


  • Long processing time

6. The Purazon Co. – Wolfshead Beard Dye 

Another awesome facial hair color, this masculinely-named product flawlessly works on acne-prone skin to provide a perfect application. A relatively short-term dye makes it perfect for dyeing enthusiasts keen on experimenting with colors. Tweaking the application process and its frequency helps you find the ideal combination of dyes to offer you perfectly colored facial hair. 

It arrives packaged in a tin that looks like shoe polish tins. Its solid and pre-mixed formula makes it perfect for traveling beard coloring enthusiasts. Wolfshead comes in various colors like brown, dark brown, black, light brown, and auburn and has a super simple application. 

Simply scooping the color out of the tin, smearing it with the applicator brush, and setting it for 15 minutes gives you the manliest of all manes. Furthermore, remove the color with a dry towel and avoid washing your dyed hair immediately after the dyeing process to enhance the color.

Wolfshead Beard Dye is suitable for: 

This short-term dye suits all acne-prone skin dyeing enthusiasts.


  • Can be used easily
  • Colors effectively and timely
  • Ideal for temporary coloring
  • Is extremely travel friendly


  • Doesn’t last long

7. Grizzly Mountain Organic & Natural Brown Beard Dye

This 100 percent organic dye is especially made for manly manes that do not irritate and cause allergies. It contains the goodness of Fresh Emblic, Neem, False Daisy, Indigo, and Henna. 

Furthermore, its gentle formula is effective on facial hair and does not change the texture of your manly mane. This hypoallergenic item retains color for up to a month! So, don’t wait! Conceal your grays today with Grizzly Mountain’s Color Kit.

Here’s how you get perfectly dyed beard with this kit: 

  1. Scoop out two heaps of powder in a bowl.
  2. Use hot water to make a pasty consistency.
  3. Spread the mixture on your mane using their applicator.
  4. Let it dry for 10 to 30 minutes.
  5. Rinse off with a mixture of lukewarm water and soap.
  6. Let it enhance the color overnight.

This pack, while dyes well, doesn’t come in a ready-to-use pack, and its mixing process takes time. However, we assure your time and money will be well-spent on this product.

Grizzly Mountain Dye is Suitable for: 

This safe dye suits all sensitive skin folks who want to conceal their grays.


  • The dye lasts for a long time
  • Formulated with natural ingredients 
  • Retains beard coarseness
  • Safe for sensitive skin


  • Difficult to apply
  • Time-consuming application

8. Zenia Indigo Powder Dye (100 gm)

This powder dye is natural, plant-based, and colors facial hair organically. Their indigo is safe and mills softly to give you a seamless and natural-looking beard. Choose this beautiful hair color to dye your hair, cover your grays, and enrich your beard with pure henna and indigo. 

Used for centuries to dye hair, indigo provides a viable solution for gray facial hair. When mixed with other natural components like henna and amla, it softens beard hair and provides it a natural shine. This natural powder dye mixes all these components and colors and conditions your facial hair well

However, since it’s completely natural, it takes 1 to 2 days to settle, and the results differ from person to person. We still recommend you perform a patch test to check if it suits you. This vegan-friendly and cruelty-free item is perfect for conscious consumers.

Zenia Hair Dye is Suitable for: 

This natural hair dye is perfect for all conscious guys and guys with sensitive skin.


  • Contains all-natural components
  • Makes beards soft and shiny
  • Has vegan-friendly ingredients
  • Made in a conscious, cruelty-free manner
  • Uses pesticide-free and preservative-free processes


  • Difficult to apply
  • Results vary person to person

9. The Younger Looking Beard Dye (Dark Brown) 

Don’t be fooled by its small size! This voluminous dye easily and effectively colors hair and removes gray hair. Its easy application and strong color pay-off (that lasts for 9 months) make it a favorite among bear color enthusiasts. 

Its high-intensity pigment ensures you use a tiny amount to get the maximum result. That’s why one pack of this product lasts extremely long and gives a dark non-fading beard. 

However, if you’re worried that the color is too intense, a simple trick will help you wash it off. Simply swab your beard with drops of hair color remover and see the color removed completely! We do find its sticky consistency and strong smell a little unpleasant. This product also hardens beard hair because of its strong pigment.

T.Y.L.B. Dye is Suitable for:

This dye suits all sensitive skin guys who want a value-for-money option.


  • Lasts for a long time
  • Does not fade away with water
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Affordable as compared to its competitors
  • Gives a maximum value for your money
  • Applies easily and lasts long with one application
  • Gives a high-pigmented color


  • Has a strong smell
  • Can harden your beard
  • Has an unpleasant sticky consistency


Need a comparison chart? We got you covered.

BlackbeardGodefroyRefectoCil Just For MenCremoWolfsheadG.M.ZeniaT.Y.L.B
100% naturalYesNoNoNoNoNoYesYesYes
Easily washableYesNoNoNoNoYesNoNoYes
Includes developerIntegrated developer in the formulaYesNoPre-mixed formulaPre-mixed formulaPre-mixed formulaNoNo, mix with warm water to useNot required
Easy to applyYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNoYes
Best Suited forSmall beardsSmall beardsAll BeardsSmall to medium beardsAll BeardsAll BeardsAll BeardsAll BeardsAll Beards


Coloring your beard can be tricky. It’s especially true for sensitive skin folks. So, choosing a good dye determines how healthy and young hair will look.

While we have picked our choices very carefully, we still want you to test the products on a small portion of your hand or beard. Listen to the cues your skin gives you. Also, take a close look at the ingredients list to check for constituents that may cause allergies. So, experiment and find the best product for you. 

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