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1890 Iron Stag Head Recreation

1890 iron stag head

Back in 1890, the taxidermists at the famous studio of Weise & Bitterlich had a crazy idea. What if they took a massive head and antlers from a stag and formed it from iron. The original piece currently sits in a Chateau in the French Pyrenees, but luckily for us, they allowed a team from Restoration Hardware to capture a mold cast from the original piece. Restoration Hardware then took this massive mold and filled it with resin to recreate the impressive antlers and face of the deer.

Restoration Hardware finished the recreation of this one of a kind piece by painting it with a pantina paint to match the original color. If you have dreamed of having a massive animal trophy, but have no desire to go kill and animal, this 1890 recreation gives you the perfect combination of “man cave” feel and “save the animals” caring.

Via Restoration Hardware