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Atomic Duo Horizontal LED Light

automic duo horizontal led light

EMandES does not just create LED lighting, they create fascinating lights that defy reason. This Atomic Duo Horizontal LED Light is simple example of their Atomic LED lighting systems. Using their visionary lighting tubes you can create almost any shape you want as long as you think in terms of plumbing. The LED lights combine in series using simple connectors and blanks tubes and bends just like standard plumbing.

Imagine being able to create lights in any shape you need to light a room or a fun area. Picture being able to create a light bar that surrounds a room instead of a chair bumper. You could create a rectangular light that fits the exact size of your pool table. Let your imagination soar. This Atomic Duo Horizontal LED Light sells for $1500 and you can get quotes for other needs by contacting EMandES.

Via EMandES