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Coffee Table Aquarium

coffee table aquarium

Do you claim you don’t have room for an aquarium in your home or apartment? Throw away your old coffee table or ottoman and make room for the Coffee Table Aquarium from ZooStores. The Coffee Table Aquarium has a real aquarium built right into the base. The base aquarium measures 24″ square and stands 16″ tall. The table top is made from a 36″ square glass plate.

Can you picture how relaxing it would be to put your feet up on your new coffee table and watch the fish swim past underneath your feet? The Coffee Table Aquarium makes a great conversation piece for any living room, rec room, or den. The aquarium comes ready to add water including both the aquarium light, plants, gravel, extension cord, and filter system. Of course, you do need to add fish, too.

As you have probably already guessed. You will need to remove the top for feeding, cleaning, and other normal aquarium chores, but at least you can have an aquarium that makes a bold statement and does not waste space in your home.

The Coffee Table Aquarium is priced at $659 from ZooStores and can also be ordered on Amazon.

Via ZooStores