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Deadgood Bookshelf by Max Lamb

deadgood bookshelf max lamb

Sometimes a designer does something so incredibly simple we stand back and just stare. Max Lamb has captured that exact feel with the Deadgood Bookshelf. When you first see the simple creation you’ll just look at it and wonder why you did not think of the idea.

After you have stared at the bookshelf for a couple more minutes you will start wondering how it even works. The small bookshelf mounts to the wall on both ends and is created from a single piece of bent metal. The bar has one dramatic drop to hold a single book motionless. Other books are added beside the book and lean gently against the first book. You will need to be careful when mounting the Deadgood Bookshelf to make certain you avoid tipping it towards the open end letting books slide off.

The best part of the design is the overall simplicity. It adds a touch of class, interest, and fun to any room on your house, or even better in your office where it will grab the attention of visitors. The bookshelf is available in white and black for a price of $80. You might notice when you visit their site the show pictures of the bookshelf in a wild orange and vivid pink, but at this time they are only taking orders for black and white.

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