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Döttling Liberty Barcelona Watch Safe

dottling barcelona safe

Have you been buying some of those amazing watches Crnchy reports on? You may have invested tens of thousands on watches, or even much more. When you consider the value of watches from Rolex, Cartier, and other top manufacturers it makes sense you need to protect them carefully. Döttling has taken the protection of watches to the ultimate level. The Liberty Barcelona gives you the protection of a 650 pound heavy duty safe which has massive style. The safe is styled to match Mie van der Rohe’s ultra-cool Barcelona chair.

Do not make the mistake of believing this $88,000 safe is just for your watches either. It has multiple storage drawers and space to hold all of your valuable. It provides protection from heat, theft, and environmental factors. This safe is going to make sure those expensive watches are never damaged or stolen from your home.

How exclusive is this safe? In order to get detailed information from Döttling you must first sign up on their site with your full contact information. This is the safe for people who demand quality, extreme security, and style.

Via Uncrate