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Floor Bookcase by .27 Architects

floor bookcase by 27 architects

The Floor Bookcase by .27 Architects is a bit of an enigma. It add an interesting appearance to the room with the books, magazines, and filing boxes stashed carefully in the floor. The enigma is the fact the bookshelf appears to be a total waste of space and provides many problems for the stores documents.  Is it genius or confusion?

The design is closer to genius than confusion. For a small apartment or home storage is always a constant problem. The floor bookcase utilizes an area of the home commonly ignored. The bookcase could easily be covered with a plexiglas cover allowing the beauty to show through and protecting to books. It would work perfectly in an area with a folding wall bed which would cover the bookshelf when down, but allow easy access when put away. It could be the perfect solution for a students room or studio apartment.

The one concern which remains with this clever idea is water spills or mopping the surrounding floor. Any cover for the floor bookcase would need to be water tight. The idea is innovative, clever, and provides an ideal solution for areas needing added storage. You can learn more about the bookshelf and other design ideas by visiting .27 Architects website.