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Folding Kettle Design By Stanislav Sabo

folding kettle design

There are times it would be handy to have a kettle to heat water or cook some soup. Are you going to keep a big kettle in your car? Do you plan to stuff one in your backpack?  Stanislav Sabo created the Folding Kettle to alleviate the problem of not enough space but the desire to have a kettle ready for use. The kettle is built from magnetic elements that come together to create water tight seals. The kettle includes a small electric heating plate you use to boil water, heat your soup, or create your other treats. The kettle collapses down to just a few fractions of an inch thick making it easy to store in luggage or your gear.

The design is still in the concept stage, but it is one design we would love to see become reality.



Via Behance