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Furniture Design by Judson Beaumont

hollow chair

Let us get this out of the way right now. Judson Beaumont is a furniture design genius. If you have a wild imagination, or a hidden child still running around inside, you ware going to love Judson Beaumont. His visions of furniture are out of this world, reflecting the dreams and visions we have as a kid. In this piece, Judson has created an outlined chair frame that can hold anything you desire, including a getaway for your dog or cat.

In some of Judson’s other pieces he has furniture this is crumpled, curved, broken, burned, chewed, and 100% strong and complete. The pieces will expand your vision of how furniture can be a real adventure, not just boring things to store clothes in or to sit upon. Let your inner child loose and take a look at all of Judson’s incredible designs, and if you have a real kid at home, take them along for the visual treat.

hollow chair

Via Straight Line Designs