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Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao

holiday inn shanghai

How far away from reality do you want to go when you swim in a hotel swimming pool? At the Holiday Inn Shaghai Pudong Kangqiao, you can swim away to the sky. The hotel has an incredible Cantilever swimming pool in an upper floor of the hotel. As you swim down the length of the indoor swimming pool, you suddenly swim past the edge of the building and can look down through the glass floor of the swimming pool to the ground hundreds of feet below you.

This unique swimming pool and give you the exquisite feeling of swimming off into air while remaining 100% safe. This is just one of the small features that makes the Holiday Inn a top choice for visitors to Shanghai. The D7 Sports bar, the Club Floor Lounge, Exercise facility, and ball rooms will  have you wishing you had more time to stay in the hotel. Even when you get hungry there is no reason to venture out. The hotel hosts some of the finest Chinese dining in the area.

Of course, there is a good reason to venture out, the beauty of Shanghai. Just remember, as your day winds down you can head back to the hotel for a quiet swim into space.

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