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iPhone 4 Speaker Box Skin

speaker box best iphone 4 case

The iPhone 4 is great for many things, but one of the best features is the ability to blast out your favorite songs grabbed from iTunes.  The iPhone 4 Speaker Box skin will help make your phone appear as it sounds, like a true music machine.

This awesome looking skin is made out of vinyl which stands up to the weather and is easy to clean.  Your phone slides easily in and out of the skin without leaving any residue on your phone.

The skin is designed by Vera Ikon.  If you are constantly running around with your earbuds stuffed in your ears, or placing your phone in a cradle to listen to tune, this is the perfect skin to show the world you are serious about your music.  Your phone will stop being just one of millions of other iPhones running around.

This is one iPhone accessory you can buy without putting any hardship on your wallet.  The interesting looking skin is being sold for only $10.

Order the Speaker Box Skin at Etsy