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Knowledge in the Brain Bookends

knowledge bookends karim rashid black

You have always been taught to put knowledge in your head requires intense reading, study, research, and practice. Not anymore. Now you can pack Knowledge in the Brain the easy way, just buy these exciting bookends from Karim Rashid. The  bookends look like a geometrical head when the two sides are pushed together, but when you separate the two pieces you find the brain showing on the inside begging for you to pack them full of knowledge.

Just fill your newly purchased brains with classic books, text books, or comics pack it full of new knowledge. Sadly, this is not going to help you learn anything new except to appreciate the beauty of these bookends. You still have to take the books down from the stand and read them to put knowledge inside your own brain.

The Knowledge in the Brain bookends were created by Karim Rashid and are available in white and black with brass colored brains included. You can get a set for $160 through Gessato.

Via Gessato and Karim Rashid