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QWERTY Couch by Zo Loft

qwerty couch zo loft

Have you ever fallen asleep on your keyboard? Come on, you can admit it. You woke up with keyboard impressions on the side of you face and had to laugh when you looked in the mirror. The designers at ZO Loft said enough is enough. If they were going to fall asleep on their keyboard they wanted comfort. Their imaginations churned out this fantastic QWERTY couch. The two arm rests are the large shift keys from your keyboard. The seat is, of course, the long space bar of your keyboard. The back is the centre letters from your keyboard.

No more indentations on your face are required to get a nap on your keyboard. There is even more magic hidden in that keyboard. Every letter is powered by a tiny motor that makes it adjustable in height. You can fine tune the keyboard to provide you the perfect workbench or for the perfect nocturnal dreams.

Via ZO Loft