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Sliced Cuddle Mattress

sliced cuddle mattress

How often does your arm fall asleep when snuggling with your honey? You would love to keep snuggling, but that dead, tingling feeling in your arm drives you nuts and ends the closeness. Designer Medhi from Cuddle Mattress faced the same problem, but instead of accepting the problem he set out to find a solution. The Cuddle Mattress is a standard mattress that has been sliced into sections and then put back together. It gives you openings ever few inches for your arm to slide in, under, and around your sweetheart without being subjected to blood stopping pressure. He then added the same slices at the foot of the bed so you can sink your toes into the mattress, or flip around in bed with the same amount of comfort.

The Cuddle Mattress is an intriguing concept seeking investors before hitting the market. Are you ready to snuggle all night without no morning numbness?

Via Cuddle Mattress on Vimeo