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Stealth Faucet by Graff

stealth faucet graff

Stealth bombers, stealth fighters, stealth cars, and stealth boats all capture our imagination. You would love to have a piece of stealth technology to adorn your house, but what can you find that is cool, functional, and affordable. The Stealth Faucet by Graff fulfills all of those requirements and more. The faucet uses sharp angular lines to draw attention to it, but you might assume it is clever geometric sculpture in the bathroom, not a high-quality faucet.

The sci-fi inspired faucet is made from polished chrome cut on sharp angles that reminds us of the radar avoiding angles used on stealth craft. The faucet is the same high-quality that Graff is world famous for. The handle is hard to detect on this amazingly clever faucet since it flows almost seamlessly from the main body of the faucet.

As with any other stealth products the price is not bottom of the barrel. The Stealth Faucet by Graff sells for just under $1200, but if you want a bathroom or kitchen that looks unique, amazing, and futuristic, it is a great investment.

Via Graff