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Stef’s Custom Fit Studio Desktop for Home

Stefs Custom Fit Studio Desktop for Home

Some people just cannot stand the idea of all those cables cluttering up their desktop, running behind their desk, and scattered across the floor.  Stef is one of those people.  He took his home office PC studio and transformed it into a clean work of art.

The light green background surrounding the monitor serves a dual purpose.  It is pleasing to the eyes and gives a perfect hideaway for all those annoying cables.  Stef did not stop with just hiding cables, but took it to a completely new level. 

Integrated into this custom rig is a 10 port USB Hub, a T.C. Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6, a 7 port USB Hub and memory card reader, a KRK Rokit Powered Woofer, and hidden under the keyboard is a music keyboard.  The monitor is actually Stef’s 27″ iMac i7.

Instead of battling clutter and cables, Stef now sits down to a peaceful studio desktop to create music or work on the Apple Mac.   Stef even threw in some IKEA Dioders to give his work area the great ambient lighting.

This is the kind of workspace we all need whether it is for serious work or even more serious game play.

Via Unplgged