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Table Connect for Apple iPhone and Android

table connect

We thought Samsung and other companies when they releases the Phablet phones, but people loved them. We were enthralled by the concept of Apple TV, Google’s Chromecast, and HDMI connections so we could put our phone’s data on the big screen, but there is an even cooler concept coming to fruition, the Table Connect. Several years ago a rumor launched that Apple was about to release an iTable to allow for the iPhone experience on a large table. The rumor was just smoke and mirrors, but the idea went viral and the demand appears high. The team at TableConnect have created a concept to put your iPhone or Android phones interface on a 60″ Touchscreen table. Collaborative work, presentations, and even watching movies on your phone is going huge. This is not just a display of your screen, but a real working touchscreen letting you work just like you do on your phone, but with a 60″ interface.

The project is being funded by an IndieGogo project. You can learn all the details on their Indiegogo page.




Via HiConsumption and IndieGoGo