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The Dark Knight Manual

the dark knight manual

Do you believe you are a Batman The Dark Knight expert? Prepare to be shocked with all of the things you do not know. The Dark Knight Manual by Brandon T. Snider will let you become the true expert concerning the Dark Knight’s deepest secrets behind his weaponry, vehicles, tools, and the ultra-secretive Bat Cave.

You will get an insider look into documents and other materials few Batman experts have ever seen. When someone makes a comment about Batman you will know whether they are an expert like you, or just one of those average movie watchers who don’t have a clue.

The Dark Knight Manual is 112 pages of in-depth knowledge about the Dark Knight and is packed with pictures and illustrations you have never seen before.

How has Brandon T. Snider came into possession of such behind the scenes information? He is an industry insider having penned books about Spiderman, the Green Lantern, and other super heroes.

This hardcover book is available through Amazon for around $26. It has grabbed a top rating from readers. Are you ready to become one of the true experts on the Dark Knight? The checkout the manual.

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