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Vintage Suitcase Shelves

vintage suitcase shelves

What a cool idea! Imagine how much extra storage you get by using suitcases for shelves. You can grab used suitcases from your local second hand store and mount them to your walls to make incredible shelves with extra storage inside. Here’s the strange thing. These Vintage Suitcase Shelves are on sale through Etsy for around $70 each including the brackets you need to mount them to the wall. You can probably turn this into a DIY project and do it for a fraction of the cost, but you might want to order one of these cool shelves to see exactly how they do it.

You can choose to hide all of your things inside the suitcases, or use them as real shelves to hold candles, plants, lamps, or more. Clever idea that looks interesting and provides added storage to your home.

vintage suitcase shelves

Via Etsy