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Vise Bookends

vise bookends

Are you ready to squeeze every bit of knowledge out of your favorite books? Then just put them in between these vise bookends and crank up the pressure. These awesome bookends are created out of real iron bench vises. Their heavy weight makes them highly effective at keeping even your heaviest reading material securely in place.

The adjustment wheels on the bookends actually work, but since the two ends are not connected the only applied pressure comes from you scooting the bookends together. These incredible bookends would look great in any man’s den, or in their office. It is the perfect accompaniment to a production manager or foreman’s office in a busy factory keeping the industrial feel right in place.

The bookends retail for $69 for a set of two. Think about all the men around you who deserve bookends that fit their personality instead of those wimpy decorative bookends we always end up with.

vise bookends

Via Restoration Hardware