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Awake Chocolate Caffeine Candy Bar

awake chocolate

Drinking a cup of coffee for a pick me up is not always a great idea. You may even hate drinking coffee after your morning cup, but you still want something to give you some extra energy to make it through the day, or for those long nights of study. Awake chocolate candy bars are packed with just as much caffeine as a full cup of coffee giving you that energy boost, plus a delightful chocolate snack. Now, we are not sure all the wild claims in the video are accurate, since we are not ready to test a 52 hour drive or to jog to Saskatchewan and back, but you get the point. Eating an Awake bar is going to prime you for action.

Awake Chocolate Candy bars packed with life quickening caffeine are available on Amazon for $22.99 for a 12-pack. You can choose between yummy Milk Chocolate, or delicious Caramel.

Via Gear Culture and Amazon