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BBQ Gripping Bear Paws

bbq bear paws

Are you tired of those silly BBQ forks that cannot handle the job? It is time to get Grizzly about doing BBQ and put on a pair of BBQ Bear Paws. These cool BBQ accessories are going to make you feel like you are half the Wolverine and half Grizzly bear. Slip on the bear paws, skewer that steak and just flip it. Stab that chicken breast, toss it on a cutting board and shred it to pieces to make chicken BBQ sandwiches. You can transform from being the backyard BBQ King into being a real BBQ Beast. Don’t forget to growl, grumble, and roar while you rip, tear, and shred meat in the backyard.

These incredible replacements for your wimpy BBQ fork and knife cost only $17 for a set of two on Amazon. Are you going to be a beast or just another wimpy grill master?

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