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Birra Fresca Cucumber Mint IPA Beer

birra fresca cucumber

She looks at you in disgust complaining that you will have beer breath. R&B Brewing in Canada suggests you tell her to chill out, you don’t have beer breath. You have minty fresh breath tinged with a scent of cucumber. Yes, you did just suck down a great tasting beer with a 6% alcohol content. Yes, the beer was ice cold refreshing and tasted like beer, but this time the beer is uniquely different. R&B Brewing sourced 200 different organic cucumbers and fresh mint from their region to brew into a sassy flavored beer that is refreshing, light, and may be the perfect beverage when she hates your beer breath.

You can find the Birra Fresca Cucumber Mint IPA Beer in finer liquor stores and specialty beer shops throughout Canada and the USA.

Via R&B Brewery