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Coffe-Mate and Girl Scout Cookies Collaboration

coffee mate girl scout cookie coffee creamer

I am sure you are thinking, “What is the big deal?” You eat Girl Scout Cookies with a cup of coffee and Coffee-Mate all the time. They make a perfect pairing. What if it went one step further? Coffee-Mate and the Girl Scouts collaborated to make the newest flavors for Nestle’s Coffee-Mate family. They have released the Thin Mint and the Caramel and Coconut flavors. These are the two hottest flavors in the Girl Scout’s Cookie family and now we can sip them in our cup of coffee. It sounds delicious now we just need to get our hands on it.

Coffee-Mate has a few flavor flops in their history, but this time they jumped on a proven flavor. Something we all know goes perfectly with a cup of hot coffee, Girl Scout Cookies. These new flavors should be hitting your grocery store displays any time.

Via Fox News and Coffee-Mate on Facebook