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Ice Ball Flavor It White

ice ball flavor it white

How boring is taking a bottle of water along with you? Yes, it is really boring. It lacks flavor, color, and fun. Ready to punch-up your water experience? The Ice Ball Flavor It from AdNArt is a very cool idea for taking tasty water that looks fantastic for your summer outings. The kit comes as two main components. You have a cool looking 20 ounce water bottle, but that is just the boring half of the combo. The fun comes from the boring looking silicone ball included in the kit. This little ball is an ice ball maker that lets you create balls with fruit or juice trapped inside. As the ice ball melts in your water you get added flavor. Our favorite idea is to free a ball of pineapple juice with a juicy strawberry hidden inside. Now that  bottle of water is not going to be boring.

You can switch from boring water to fun beverage for $26 through Amazon.

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