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Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Limited Edition

johnnie walker gold

2014 brings us another pleasant surprise, the latest edition of the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve in a very limited edition featuring a unique gold bottle. The bottle is cool enough to want to buy a bottle, but what is inside is what should have you jumping online to order a bottle or running to your local store. Inside is a whiskey blend created by Master Blender Jim Beveridge, yes that does sound uncannily like beverage. One of Jim’s best additions to Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is Clylenish Malt whiskey which is created using spring water emanating from the Kildonan Hills, where gold was previously discovered. What better way to give Johnnie Walker a real edge of gold?

One of the most pleasant surprises is the price for Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve. You can order your bottle from the Johnnie Walker website for $90, or add another $10 and get the exclusive Johnnie Walker felt bag for storage.

Via Uncrate and Johnnie Walker