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Kentucky Ryed Chiquen Beer

kentucky ryed chiquen beer

What is anything that is not chicken? Is it brave? Is it powerful? No, it is Chiquen, at least in the books of the Against the Grain Brewery. Kentucky Ryed Chiquen Beer is an intriguing blend of rye malt and caramel rye snuck out of Germany, and Maris Otter from the UK. The beer is blended and placed in rye barrels to age into a beer with a tinge of spiciness, a touch of fruit, and more beer flavor than a beer lover can handle, unless he is 100% Chiquen. (Remember Chiquen = Non-Chicken)

Against the Grain then goes completely against the grain and tops off their beer bottles with chicken feather and a label showing a cartoon butcher slaying chickens at a wild pace. If you are not chicken, or 100% Chiquen, then it is time to step into your favorite “got it all” bar and order up a Kentucky Ryed Chiquen Beer. And no, it does not taste like chicken, it is Chiquen.

Via Uncrate and Against the Grain