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Mama Walker’s Breakfast Liquor

mama walkers breakfast liquor

Honey, I want to have breakfast for supper. Some Blueberry Pancake, a Doughnut, and some Maple Bacon. Don’t worry about my cholesterol, we can use Mama Walker’s recipe it is 100% cholesterol free, but make sure you take my keys before you serve it. Mama Walker’s Breakfast Liquor may change the way you look at your breakfast favorites forever. These devilishly good 70 Proof Liquors come in three of your favorite breakfast flavors.

It may seem a little sinful to order liquor for breakfast, but honestly, which is worse, artery clogging cholesterol or a quick shot of Maple Bacon Liquor? This yummy liquor sells for around $10 for a 75o ML bottle in a liquor store near you. You can learn more about the liquor by visiting Mama’s website and stealing a few of her exciting “breakfast” recipes, because you cannot limit your breakfast to just 3 delectable drinks.

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