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Oddka The Oddly Delicious Vodka

oddka oddly delicious vodka

Oddka is one our new favorites. Imagine the creative genius required to bottle lightning in a vodka bottle. Yes, that is real lightning, if  you don’t believe it take a sip and see what happens you. You might want to take it a little easier on yourself and sample the Wasabi Vodka first. WARNING: Fire extinguishers are not included with the Wasabi Vodka, please use ice plentifully.

The flavor treats from Oddka do not stop with those two delightful flavors. You can drink Apple Cinammon Pie, Fresh Cut Grass, Salty Caramel Popcorn, and the oddest drink of all Vodka flavored Oddka. All of the flavors are unique, except maybe that refreshingly good Vodka flavored Oddka. If you want to try something unique and intriguing, this is the vodka to choose. Look in larger liquor stores to find your own bottle of Oddka today.

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