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PornBurger – More Than A Mouthful of Burger Lust


Sometimes a man strikes a note with nearly every man in the world with his lust and desires. Matthew Ramsey has managed to do exactly that with PornBurger. Each week Matthew comes up with a new artery clogging creation stacked with delectable ingredients that make our mouths water in anticipation. He then documents the burger build, showing us the final product in photographs and detailing every ingredient and trick to make this delicious masterpiece.

Sometimes the ingredients in the PornBurger of the Week seem odd, out of place, and questionable, but just a single look at the picture has us ready to try it. After all, any burger is better than no burger at all, and when it is a PornBurger, it is sure to inflame our desires. You can see the history of the PornBurgers and see each week’s new burger by following Matthew.








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