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Sake Making Kit – Make Your Own Home Brewed Sake

sake making kit

You may have already made your own wine. You could have brewed up a keg of your own beer. We will bet you never thought of making your own bottle of Japanese Sake, even if you love Sake. Norse Hutchens, in collaboration with Uncommon Goods has created and begun marketing an fantastic Sake Making Kit so you can make a big jug of sake for yourself. The kit is complete with the bottle, the rice, yeast, muslin, burlap bag, and most importantly, the instruction you need to make sake a reality.

The kit is priced at $57 from Uncommon Goods, but you may have to wait a little while since the kit met with tremendous interest and is temporarily out of stock. We can only hope they are back in stock in time to make a jug of sake before the new year arrives.


Via Gear Culture and Uncommon Goods